In a heartwarming photograph captured at Morningstar Assisted Living & Memory Care Center, a group of compassionate high school seniors from Eaglecrest High School in Denver, Colorado, gathered as they embarked on a truly meaningful Community Service Project. These remarkable individuals chose to volunteer with Colorado Palliative & Hospice Care, creating an unforgettable event for both the staff and residents at Morningstar.

The students arrived on a crisp Sunday afternoon, November 19th, radiating energy and a genuine interest in brightening the lives of the residents. The students brought an infectious enthusiasm and an energized approach to the afternoon, instantly raising spirits.

Divided into teams, the students embarked on several assignments to gain a deeper understanding of life in residential care. With a thoughtful list of prompt questions provided by Colorado Palliative & Hospice Care in hand, they were well-prepared to foster conversations filled with reminiscent memories.

Throughout the day, the halls of Morningstar came alive with the sound of laughter and meaningful interactions. Some students walked the hallways, stopping at open doors to extend warm greetings and spend valuable moments in conversation. Others joined residents in the recreation room, engaging in lively discussions while playing card games that bridged the generational divide.

Another group dedicated their time to visiting the Memory Care residents, reading short stories to provide comfort and companionship. In the lounge, the students connected with residents over an afternoon of NFL football, bonding over shared moments of excitement and friendly banter. To add a sweet touch to the day, the students graciously served hot apple cider and cookies to all the residents, spreading warmth and comfort.

As the Volunteer Coordinator and event organizer, Mary Ozanic, reflected on the day’s events, she couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. She shared, “It was truly a joyful and blessed day for both the staff, who warmly welcomed the kids, the residents, who were so gratified to have such robust activities for the afternoon, and the students themselves, who could feel the joy in the air on this memorable occasion!”

Volunteering with hospice care is an extraordinary way to make a difference and create moments of joy and connection for individuals in need. The presence and unwavering dedication of these high school seniors not only brightened the day of the residents, but also left a profound impact on the staff and themselves.

The power of compassion knows no bounds; through volunteering, we can bring solace and comfort to those who need it most. Let the actions of these incredible students inspire us all, and consider how we can make a positive difference in the lives of others through hospice volunteering. Find out more in our article about what it’s like to be a hospice volunteer.

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