In the United States, African Heritage and Health Week is an annual event celebrating African Americans’ rich history and cultural contributions to health and wellness. It occurs during the first week of February, also designated as National African American History Month. 

This week is an opportunity for African Americans to reflect on their heritage, share their stories, and educate others about the roots of their culture. It celebrates their food, music, art, dance, language, and overall contributions to American society. It also serves to raise awareness about the health benefits of African cuisines in hopes that Americans will include these foods into their diet to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases.

Over time, the week-long celebration has come to include lectures and discussions on health disparities, mental health care, racial justice, and more. In recent years, African Heritage and Health Week has also provided an opportunity to focus on issues related to health disparities among African Americans. 

In honor of African Heritage and Health Week, we would like to share a few ways you can celebrate this year, along with some information about how hospice can help.

How You Can Celebrate

There are many ways you can celebrate African Heritage and Health Week at home or work:

  1. Visit a local museum that celebrates African American history during this time – this could be anything from a historical society museum or an actual historical building itself.
  2. Attend events hosted by local organizations dedicated to celebrating African American heritage (such as churches and healthcare organizations).
  3. Hosting or attending a community event to learn more about health disparities in local communities of color. Many events are happening throughout the week. Visit your local library for more information about what’s happening in your area.
  4. Taking part in activities that raise money for charities that focus on improving health outcomes for African Americans.
  5. Dine throughout the week at local African-American restaurants.
  6. Put together an activity that promotes healthy living in your community. This could include holding a walk or 5K race, hosting a healthy cooking class, or helping organize an event like the Harlem Renaissance Festival or Juneteenth Celebration (which will take place during African Heritage/Black History Month in New Orleans). 
  7. Share this post on social media with hashtags #AfricanHeritage and #AfricanHeritage&HealthWeek.

How Hospice Can Help

African Heritage and Health Week is a time to honor the health of your community and think about ways to improve it. A great way to do that is by getting involved with hospice. Hospice is an organization that aims to improve the lives of those suffering from illness and injury in your community. They do this by providing access to quality care for those who need it most and education about how to live better with disease or disability.

Hospice care is one of the most critical ways hospice organizations can help people with life-limiting illnesses live their best lives. Hospice helps people who are dying or terminally ill by providing pain management, emotional support, and spiritual guidance. Hospice also provides support for family members and caregivers during this difficult time. They also offer education about end-of-life planning so that you can ensure your family knows what they need to do when you’re gone—and how they can best help themselves during this difficult time.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can volunteer with hospice this February, please reach out to us.