October 9, 2022, is Clergy Appreciation Day, and on this day we’d like to acknowledge the Hospice Chaplains who work tirelessly with patients and their families to support them throughout their end-of-life journey. 

Hospice Chaplains offer spiritual guidance and comfort, but they also help to coordinate arrangements after a death occurs. As part of Clergy Appreciation Day, we invite you to learn more about the role of a Hospice Chaplain and how they can help your loved one.

The chaplains who work at hospices are there to help patients and their families find peace and comfort during a challenging time. They provide spiritual care, emotional support, and guidance through difficult times in patients’ lives. They may visit patients at home or in assisted living facilities or be on call 24 hours a day to provide support over the phone or via text message.

Since the 1950s, clergy have been a vital part of the hospice team. From the moment hospice was first conceived, it has been a place people could go to find comfort in their final days and hours. The role of Hospice Chaplains can be challenging because they often work with grieving people. They provide support and guidance for patients and family members during some of the most difficult experiences of their lives.

Hospice chaplains also have another important role: they serve as an invaluable resource for other hospice staff members by providing them with information about how to best support terminally ill patients. There is no doubt that hospice chaplains provide an invaluable service to their community.

There are many ways you can participate in Clergy Appreciation Day:

  • You can write a letter to your pastor thanking them for their work with your community. You could also send them a gift card or flowers if you would like! This is especially great if you don’t live near your church because pastors sometimes receive very little recognition for their hard work.
  • Hosting a bake sale at your church! Churches love selling baked goods because it helps raise money for their ministries!
  • Consider volunteering at your local hospice or home care facility. We know that many hospitals and hospices are understaffed regarding chaplains, so this might be a great way to help your community.
  • You can also reach out to your local clergy or religious organization and ask them to support Clergy Appreciation Day this year. You can even write an article about it and submit it for publication.
  • Pray for their health and safety, that they will continue to be strong in their faith and that God will use them in his work. 
  • Consider donating some extra funds toward the hospital or clinic where your chaplain works so that they can purchase more supplies for patients who may not have enough money for necessities like food or medicine.
  • Share this post on social media! We all know that social media can be used for good causes—think about how many times you have shared something on Facebook or LinkedIn to help raise awareness about an important issue. Let’s keep sharing this article so more people learn about Clergy Appreciation Day.

Thank you for your service, Hospice Chaplains!