Veterans are among our nation’s most upstanding citizens. They gave up their freedom for the greater good of our country. This is why we believe that when they are in a time of need, like at the end of their lives, they deserve the utmost respect and the highest level of care. That’s the kind of care that our veterans get at Colorado Palliative & Hospice Care.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is comfort care that is provided to patients with terminal conditions who have less than six months to live, and their families.

Hospice and the VA

The VA offers hospice services to qualified veterans in the final stages of their lives. The VA also works closely with community and home hospice organizations to offer veterans’ care in veterans’ homes.

Hospice Care for Veterans

Many hospice care providers create veteran-specific educational material for their staff, volunteers, and the community. Hospice facilities also commemorate Veterans Day and Remembrance Day to pay honor to those who served for their country. Through this type of engagement and education, we are better equipped to fully understand veterans’ complex end-of-life care needs.

Our facility is committed to improving care for veterans. By recognizing our nation’s heroes’ unique needs in the midst of facing a terminal illness, we accompany and guide our veteran patients and their families toward a more peaceful end of life. By offering hospice services to our veterans that are respectful and compassionate, we demonstrate our dedication to serving our veterans after they have risked all to serve us. 

We Honor Veterans Community

There is a program called the We Honor Veterans Community. The organization awards partner companies that recognize the unique needs of our nation’s veterans and their families, as well as accompany and guide veterans to a peaceful ending. The We Honor Veterans, Community Partner program has four distinction levels based on an organizations’ involvement and activities. The goal of accomplishing these levels is to provide the best quality of care to those who have served the country.